Author Topic: Brutual slashers and sexual maniacs among the kids  (Read 4280 times)

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Brutual slashers and sexual maniacs among the kids
« on: September 11, 2009, 04:06:02 AM »
::Murders, slashers and rapists amoung kids::

We all heard (and many times, for sure) about the school-shootings made by teenages and adolescents. Most of these crimes can be simply understanded due to a commited suicide by young criminals. But up to this day I was never interested in the muders and sexual tortures made by prepubescent. About their unknown goals, motives, about their unexpected brutality and unstoppable and unpunished hate. Here're the examples:
  • In the early 1870s, Jesse “The Boston Boy Fiend” Pomeroy sexually tortured seven boys, then savagely murdered a ten-year-old girl before violently slashing a four-year-old boy to death. Pomeroy had been ten and eleven at the time of his crimes.
  • In 1968, on the day before her 11th birthday, a spicy British lass named Mary Bell strangled a young boy to death. Two months later, she and another girl choked a three-year-old boy into extinction. She also carved an “M” into his stomach and used scissors to snip off part of his genitalia. Mary Bell is now a free woman who lives under a different name.
  • In February of 1993, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both ten, abducted two-year-old James Bulger from a Liverpool, England, shopping mall—the kidnapping was recorded on surveillance cameras—then led him to some local train tracks, where they covered him in blue paint, forced batteries into his mouth, and eventually bludgeoned him to death.
  • In 1997 at age 11, Nathaniel Abraham from Pontiac, MI, fired a rifle he'd stolen at someone standing two hundred feet away in front of a convenience store, killing him.
  • In August, 2000, two girls aged five and six smothered a three-year-old boy to death in his California home. No motive was noted.
  • In 1998 in Namibia (a lot of black people live there), an 11-year-old boy axe-murdered his six-year-old cousin. Three years later, and apparently free the whole time, the productive young criminal was back in court facing rape charges. A Namibian official commented that as part of his job, he’d encountered rapists as young as seven.
  • In 1999 down in insect-ridden Florida while demonstrating some “wrestling moves,” 12-year-old Lionel Tate crushed a six-year-old girl to death, lacerating her liver and fracturing her skull. After being released from custody a mere four years after his sentencing, Tate promptly pulled an armed robbery at a pizza joint.
  • In 2003 in Woodbridge, NJ, a ten-year-old boy reportedly convinced a three-year-old boy to follow him out of a library, whereupon he raped and beat him, then dumped him in a drainage ditch. The three-year-old died the next day.
  • In 1985 while playing with an eleven-year-old friend, a nine-year-old Brooklyn girl stabbed her to death while arguing about a rubber ball.
  • Late in 2007 in Orlando, FL, a thirteen-year-old boy named Demetrius Key reportedly beat his eight-year-old brother Levares to death with a hunk of metal because Levares had eaten a piece of dessert he wasn’t supposed to eat, and Demetrius didn’t want to get blamed for it.

These facts are like a walleye of our notion of these innocent creatures. But may be they are not so innocent?

For sure, everyone will try to analize this facts, why do this all happened, who's responsible for that? Their parents and “society” will always be fingered. And “society” means screen violence. In games. On TV. In movies and animation. In popular music. By why really children do this? 

And should someone’s criminal responsibility disappear merely because they’re little and cute?

What must we do with of all these li'l bastards?
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Re: Brutual slashers and sexual maniacs among the kids
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2009, 10:34:50 PM »
Small children don't know what death is. It is always hard to explain, that their father will never come back. Elder think up lot of stories like "father is far away", "he is a spy in enemy country", "mother is sleeping" and so on. Death is too complicated concept for fragile mind.

But there is no real life without death. Death always surrounds us. Doing all this murders, they just explore death. And exploring death, we open new pages of book of life. Practically all children cut themselves with a knife, because they don't know what is "sharp" really is. And burn their fingers in fire, as they need to know - what is "hot".

So i think all this happens not by reason of TV, or violence in computer games. Contrary, these children knew nothing about death. So this was just exploring of the world, real life. Just curiosity.

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Re: Brutual slashers and sexual maniacs among the kids
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2009, 10:55:24 PM »