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Stats mechanic
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Effects in combat

There are 2 types of attacking effects - Critical and Penetrate.
And 3 types of defensive effects – Evade, Glance and Block.
Normal damage is inflicted if none of the attacking or defensive effects have happened.
Critical damage is increased with Crit power. Can't happen with Glance effect.
Penetrate inflict normal damage, but goes through physical/magical defense. Can't happen with Block. Can happen with Critical.
Evade - No damage, no effects inflicted.
Glance – Attack inflicts lowered damage. Coefficient is unknown, through. Effects are not inflicted. Can't happen with Critical.
Block – Attack inflict lowered damage. Comparing to Glance, effects are inflicted. Can't happen with Penetrate.

Attack Stats

Ρombat power (CP) – Straightly affect your damage. Increased by Attack rating and Weapon power.
Attack rating (AR) – Achieved from talismans; 1 AR = 0.1 CP.
Weapon power (WP) – Achieved from weapon; 1 WP = 0.19 CP.
Skill damage is calculated with the skill own coefficient. For example, sword skill Delicate Strike has the coefficient = 0.7, so with 100 CP damage by that skill will be around 70. For Balanced Blade skill coefficient is 0.88, so the damage will be around 88.
Critical chance (CC) – At the current moment is displayed incorrectly in the game. Base of 5%.
Critical rating (CR) Is increasing Critical chance; 1 CR = 0.02% CC.
Crit power –  The coefficient by which normal damage is multiplied when becomes critical; Base of 25%.
Crit power rating (CPR) Increases Crit power; 1 CPR = 0,1% CP.
Enemy evade chance (EEC) – Percent value by which enemy Evade chance is decreased.
Hit rating (HR) – Decreases the probability of your attack to get evaded or glanced. Is compared with Defence and Evade rating of your enemy; 1 HR = 0,004% EEC.
Penetration rating (PR) – Increases the probability to inflict Penetration effect. Compared with enemy Block raiting.

Defensive Stats

Evade chance (EC) – Your chance to evade enemy attacks with 0 Hit rating. Base of 5%.
Evade rating (ER) – Increases Evade chance; 1 ER = 0,015% EC
Physical, magical protection – Decreases incoming damage.
Enemy crit rating (ECR) – Enemy Critical chance is decreased by that value.
Defence rating (DR) – Is compared with enemy Hit rating and increases your Glance effect probability, also increases Enemy crit rating; 1 DR = 0,003% ECR. Glance chance = 5%+0.023 DR.
Block rating (BR) – Increases Block probability. Is compared with enemy Penetration rating. Block chance = 7% + 0.03 BR.

Healing Stats

Healing power Is calculated the same way as Combat power, just instead of Attack raiting Healing rating is taken.
Critical rating, critical chance, crit power rating and crit power are calculated the same way as their combat analog, just there is not target defense affecting it.

Material was taken and translated from here [Russian].
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