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About Us
« on: July 20, 2012, 03:00:31 PM »

The world is not what it seems - but a crafty illusion, a trap created by Demiurge to enslave humanity and keep us from realizing our true nature, to stay within the eternal cycle of birth and death - only to be devoured in the apparant end, and be reborn to this inescapable nightmare again, forever.

Or is there truly no escape? There is a snip of divinity inside every human, a Spark, obfuscated by Demiurge and his servants, hiding the true world behind the veil of lies. And only through being awakened by Schism can this vicious cycle be broken.

Schism is the Illuminati cabal based on Arcadia. We're an old guild which played in many games blah-blah-blah who cares anyway. :}

  • Casual. We play at our own pace.
  • Light RP. Roleplay whenever you feel like. We enjoy both spontaneous rp and organizing rp events, while usually keeping to ooc casual communication within guild chat and forum.
  • Mostly Mature. Average age >25. Not always serious or drama-free though.
  • Corrupted...

That said, we plan to participate in all kinds of gameplay activities (including end-game pve, pvp and puzzle-solving) as well as some extensive meta-gaming (roleplaying, inter-cabal politics and generally active server life).

In-game contacts for enrolment: Escher, Kamenkhenti, Zetatic, Ubiqueza. Or you can leave an application and any questions here.

Join us, as Gnosis is the only way to salvation and ascention.
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