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Gnosis (WiP) / Hierarchy - Duties
« Last post by Irx on February 16, 2012, 04:05:12 PM »

All duties are divided by degrees depending on the minimum rank required to claim it and all applications must be overviewed by the Assembly. Taking a duty is always voluntary for those who wish to contribute a portion of their time and will to Kult's cause (except for priors who are typically expected to accept some duty), and though no fixed reward is guaranteed, premium karma is usually granted on a regular basis - as it is a proper way to earn trust and respect among the Hierarchy. If there is a demand, the same duty can be shared by several kultists, and it is possible for one kultist to occupy several duties. Generally every initiate of a proper rank can carry out functions of any given duty even without formally holding it, if to the limited extent.

1. 1st degree duties: (required rank - disciple)

2. 2nd degree duties: (required rank - prior)

3. 3rd degree duties: (required rank - messiah)
Gnosis (WiP) / Lexicon - Kult
« Last post by Irx on February 14, 2012, 11:30:04 AM »

Anabata - a ritualistic apparel worn by kultists on special occasions.

It should be noted that only initiates of the disciple rank and above are granted the right to wear anabata. The reasoning behind this restriction is quite simple: the enlightened do not have the wisdom and resolve to represent Schism, and Kult does not generally holds itself responsible for any actions of its flock.

Assembly of Covens - or simply the Assembly, is a gathering of messiahs and priors and a primary governing body of Schism.

Coven - a cell (faction) within Kult.

Schism is an ancient organization which exists for thousands of years across all continents of Earth, which requires a certain level of autonomy. Most covens experience an impact from the culture of regions they operate in, not to mention the influence of individual messiahs leading them, which often results in different interpretations of gnosis, distorted priorities and tactics, and various other peculiar characteristics among various covens.

It is uncommon for kultists from different covens to work together, but at the times of crisis or major projects which require efforts from several covens this does happen from time to time. It is important to note that this division does not affect global subordination in any way: The Hierarchy is always unified, and allegiances to specific covens mean little outside of behind-the-scenes intrigues among priors and messiahs.

Hierarchy - there are two commonly used meanings to this word:
  • A hierarchical governing system of Schism, including ranks, initiation stages and duties. (article)
  • The high clergy, which includes priors and messiahs, is often refered to as the Hierarchy.

Initiate (kultist) - a member of Schism of any rank, anyone initiated into our mysteries.

Schism (Kult) - the name of our organization; the word Kult is also used to refer to it.
Gnosis (WiP) / Lexicon - Doctrine
« Last post by Irx on February 14, 2012, 11:23:51 AM »

Archons - servants of Demiurge, tasked with maintaining the cycle of reincarnation, their primary function is to prevent humans from realising their true self. Archons rarely intervene in person however, manipulating and controlling humanity by the means of nepharites instead.

Demiurge - a mysterious entity responsible for the creation of material world and entrapping humans within it.

Gnosis - a sum of all knowledge, mysteries and doctrines which is Schism. It contains all the truths about humanity, the material world and what lies beyond, everything on what our Kult is - where we come from and where to we're heading, and a lot more. Studing gnosis is the only path to salvation and ascension, and a sacred duty for every initiate. Gnosis is divided into several levels, nine is the number you're likely to hear, what you're reading now belongs to Level 1, and access to higher levels requires advancing initiation stage, among other things.

Nepharites - supernatural beings created by archons, nepharites come in a lot of different forms depending on their creator and function - from agents in a perfect human guise to hideous monsters out of our worst nightmares.

Umbra - a realm which exists beyond the material world, where Demiurge dwells and where souls get to after death.
Forum Support / Re: Работа: планы и результаты...
« Last post by Irx on February 14, 2012, 10:27:26 AM »
Смотрел, с нашей до 2.0.2 из изменений практически только фиксы, ничего нового - так что обновление желательно, но не обязательно.

Но у нас не пашет модуль кармы, который очень-очень нужен - фиг знает почему, просто не включается.
Forum Support / Re: Работа: планы и результаты...
« Last post by e[LX]s on February 14, 2012, 05:51:35 AM »
DzinerStudio (мы используем тему овервью их производства), для демонстрации своих тем пока используют версию движка 2.0.1. Не знаю критично ли это. По идее там только фиксы безопасности, потому обновление до 2.0.2 не должно коснуться оформления.
Gnosis (WiP) / Lexicon
« Last post by Irx on February 12, 2012, 01:08:37 PM »

All terms that are uncommon or unique to Schism teachings, rituals and history are briefly explained here. However, to gain comperehensive understanding of the respected concepts it is suggested to read related articles (linked).

Lexicon is divided into several sections for convenience:
  • Doctrine. Terms related to our sacred beliefs, cosmology and theology.
  • Kult. Organization and everyday life.
  • Phrasebook. Common phrases used by initiates on formal and informal occasions.
Gnosis (WiP) / Hierarchy - Ranks
« Last post by Irx on February 11, 2012, 02:42:46 PM »

Ranks are typically granted for life, but it is not uncommon for those wishing to retire from active duty to be demoted to a lesser title, which may or may not be considered a disgrace depending on circumstances.

All rights and obligations gained through lesser ranks are typically retained upon accepting a higher one.

I. Enlightened.

Those initiated into the mystery of Gnosis, who accept it as their faith thus breaking the chains of reincarnation, become the enlightened. Formally the lowest rank in the hierarchy, the enlightened however are not considered full-fledged members of Kult, but those who share our beliefs and are aware of the veil which hides the true nature of this world. This faithful flock is not usually directly involved into the inner operations of Schism and has few obligations and rights towards it, yet most choose to support Kult in one way or another - and many influential, gifted or devoted people in all kinds of social, commercial and governmental institutions secretly follow The Path and propagate our agendas. After all, Gnosis is the only path to salvation and ascendance.

There are only three simple rules every enlightened must follow:
  • Listen to the Hierarchy.
  • Do not wear anabata*.
  • Gnosis is The Path.

Nomen jllis legio

II. Disciples.

The enlightened who wish to dedicate their life and soul to Schism become disciples - soldiers, scholars, preachers - or whatever the calling of the specific initiate may be. An important thing every novice disciple should always remember: a service to Kult is not only a privilege, but a sacred duty as well - and unlike the enlightened, disciples are expected to represent Schism and everything it stands for, to manifest persistence and enthusiasm in serving it. Obey the Hierarchy instructions and admonishings, participate in major events, study Gnosis - after all, servitude to Schism is a gift, not a burden.

But of course, with increased obligations come the additional rights:
  • Access to the Inner Sanctum, as well as the right to participate and vote in all major Schism debates.
  • A right to wear anabata, and held responsibility associated with it.
  • An opportunity to get a formal duty.
  • Additional rights may be given that are required for certain duties.

Abyssus abyssum invocat

III. Priors.

Priors are the high clerics of Schism, responsible mainly for organizing and leading initiates. Priors are typically required to take a specific duty which determines their primary sphere of operations and responsibility. Only those found worthy by the Assembly may become priors - previous service history and personal qualities are taken under thorough scrutiny. Initiates can be promoted or demoted from priors depending on the current need for senior executives. It is a voluntarily decision, and each prior is expected to be actively devoted to advancing the goals of Kult and to carry out the appointed duties rigorously.

It is not uncommon for a dedicated prior to gain enough influence and authority to take a leading post in a lesser coven or even found a new one, sometimes rising in power to compete with one of the major covens typically led by messiahs.

The rights granted to priors include:

Primus in orbe deos fecit timor
  • Initiate potential recruits to enlightented, and promote promising enlightened to disciples.
  • Organize and command initiates, speak in the name of Schism.
  • Publishing rights in the Herald of Schism.
  • Access to the Assembly Chambers, with limited rights to define current policies and goals of Schism.
  • Limited rights to reward karma, encourage and punish initiates.
  • Additional or enhanced authorities required for a specific duty.

IV. Messiahs.

Leaders of Schism, messiahs are believed to have mastered Gnosis and reached the stage at which ascension is possible, but remained at the material plane to lead Schism and guide other initiates in their footsteps. Truth or not, and whatever the reasons they stay for - their power is unquestionable, as is their authority. Messiahs are typically the heads of major covens, though there are few notable exceptions, and together with priors they form the Assembly of Covens, which determines goals and agendas for Kult, among other things.

Many messiahs choose to ascend at some point or withdraw from active leadership, so there is usually a small number of them at the head of Kult, and their authority is considered absolute in all aspects that is Schism. It should also be mentioned that most messiahs can not be truely considered humans at that stage, transcending beyond it both physically and mentally, and fully comprehending them may not be an easiest task for common initiates.

Si fractus illabatur orbis
Forum Support / Re: Работа: планы и результаты...
« Last post by Irx on February 11, 2012, 02:33:42 PM »
С внедрением музыки траблы, а очень надо.

Например, с Myspace музло не цепляется (или я не догоняю как) - а нужно, поскольку это один из немногих и популярных сайтов откуда можно совершенно легально линковать музло. Нужно обновить Aeva, но не факт, что поможет. В идеале дать модерам возможность использовать html в постах - в настройках этого нет, возможно мод такой существует. К тому же чтобы линковать музыку с того же ютуба без ненужного видео нужно модифицировать код вставки, т.е. нужен html.

Но для начала обновить форум, да.
Gnosis (WiP) / Hierarchy
« Last post by Irx on February 11, 2012, 12:32:27 PM »

The governing structure of Schism is explained here.

Rank: a primary indication of status within Kult, it determines rights and resposibilities of the initiates.
The four ranks are: Enlightened, Disciples, Priors and Messiahs.

Duty: a specific function entrusted to the initiate. The enlightened can't typically have a duty assigned to them and most duties have a minimum rank requirement. While having an active duty is voluntarily for disciples, it is a sacred obligation for those of the Hierarchy to have one.

Initiation: a secondary title indicating an actual contribution to Kult's cause, it symbolizes the ongoing devotion and respect of the fellow initiates, the understanding of Gnosis and following The Path, as well as the benevolence of the Hierarchy. Initiation stage is directly linked to the amount of karma gained by the initiate.

Joining Schism.

Potential candidates for enlightenment are usually sought out by priors, but a willing recruit may as well take the initiative and contact Kult himself. There are no formal prerequisites.

Rank Advancement.

Promotions to disciples are handled by priors. Before appealing for promotion however, the enlightened is adviced to study Gnosis and to display loyalty and dedication by advancing to higher initiation stages. Also, probably not an obvious concept for the newly enlightened to grasp, it is important to understand that most priors represent specific covens* within Kult, thus the decision on which prior to seek for promotion will align the initiate to a certain coven.
Forum Support / Re: Работа: планы и результаты...
« Last post by Irx on February 03, 2012, 09:02:12 AM »
Отключил активацию по имейлу при регистрации. Спаммеров это никогда не останавливало, а с тех пор как я добавил пару дурных вопросов уровня "сколько будет 2+2" (в перспективе неплохо бы заменить на нечто столь же тривиальное, но более концептуальное), ни один и не пробился. Сложность капчи тоже понизил до среднего - высокая в половине случаев нечитабельна. В общем, чем меньше напрягов при регистрации, тем лучше.

Также отключил группы по количеству постов.
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