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Title: How does Sound stimulate your brain?
Post by: Drek on December 12, 2008, 01:00:28 PM
Now I've never understood why all the heavy metal/death metal dudes have always been like "this is the most evil music out there". I mean... Old orchestra now that could REALLY sound creepy and listening to it, that could really stimulate some parts of your brain that metal music just can't.

And besides that, in metal, with all the shouting and stuff it doesn't really get through to your head the same way does it.

Or maybe it's like metal peaks aggresiveness more than just plain old creepy sounds ever could.

Anyway check this out. Now this sound is like so simple and mellow and still I feel that metal will never be able to give the same vibe as stuff like this where you got dry drums... some creeping synth... even orchestra sounds.. old dusty pianos. (

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Title: Re: How does Sound stimulate your brain?
Post by: Vox Dei on December 12, 2008, 10:02:42 PM
... ah, every time when I really what to fuck my brain with some horrible noise-depression of the most extreme form, I just upload some albums of totally insane project "Haus Arafna" (prefer album "Butterfly") and walk don't the street... ( (

BTW, the most fastest way to get a headache - is to listen to some early work of Koji Asana (j-noise). Downloaded some of them and cannot stand more then 2 minutes (guess I was lucky). In comparison with him, I can listen to Haus Arafna....